Flooring questions please help!!

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Hello I am struggling to find out the best solution to do an epoxy floor in my master bedroom. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos and I’ve done so much research online but I can’t seem to find the easiest step-by-step method. I just don’t know where to begin I removed all the carpet in my bedroom (well actually I removed the carpet from my entire home because my lovely fur baby) and I know I have to make sure the concrete  is completely clean from any adhesive. My one wall is an outer wall so it has many cracks that need to be filled. I was going to purchase
Quikrete 10 lb. Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement
As I have several cracks throughout the Bedroom But deeper ones closest to the outer wall. I just need help with selecting the right products and tools needed as well as how do I actually complete one floor without it running into the bathroom or my walk-in closet? I’m so lost and where to begin but at the same time I need to do some thing as a floor and I wanted something different. I also have baseboards and I know I have to tape them off really well before hand. Anyone have any ideas suggestions videos to share any start to finish guidelines for me I am truly at a loss and don’t know what to do thank you everyone!!