Transforming An Old Garage Into a Mother-In-Law Apartment: Rust-Oleum RockSolid

Submitted to Community Café

A few months ago, I coated my garage/workshop floor with Rust-Oleum ROCKSOLID® And EpoxyShield coatings. I was very pleased with the results, and even after a few months of workshop floor abuse, the finish looks just as good as the day it was finished.

Coincidentally at the same time, a very good friend of mine was in the middle of turning his garage into a mother-in-law apartment. He was interested in simply painting the concrete floor, so I invited him to come look to see how my finished garage floor looked. Aside from preferring a different color, the Rust-Oleum ROCKSOLID® And EpoxyShield coatings were exactly what they were looking for.

Click here for the full article! Spoiler alert: RockSolid rocks!