Dog beds

Submitted to Community Chat

My little fur babies needed some new beds~you can only wash the store bought ones so many times before they fall apart. I had two wooden crates to use. I took 2 slats off of one side of the crate and gave it a good sanding to get rid of sharp corners and splinters. I then painted 2 coats of Light Turqoiuse and sanded a little after both coats were good and dry. I then painted a coat of Suburst Yellow and really started sanding. I used a palm sander for some areas and just my hand in between the slates and handles until almost all of the yellow was off. Then I sealed it, but I can't remember the name of that. When it was completely dry, I stenciled their names on the front and a fleur de lis on the sides (I'm a native of New Orleans, lol). For the bedding I just used old pillows and matching pillow cases. Now all I have to do is throw the pillow cases in the washing machine! I did put little felt squares on the bottom so they wouldn't scratch my floor. Our beagle has a tendency to move hers under the ceiling fan in the middle of the night. They look SO much better in my living room and really give a pop of color to my decor!