Galaxy Blue Carbon Fiber

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For the past year I have been learning how to customise virtually anything imaginable into personalised one of'a kind pieces of graphic art utilising water transfer films, also known as Hydrographics. The basics of the process is the graphic pattern/design is sandwiched between 2 layers of film. The bottom layer is water soluble and the top layer is desolved when sprayed with a solvent based activator. Anything that will hold paint can be hydrodipped and your only limitations are the size of your dip tank of warm water and your imagination. There are literally 1000s of different film patterns and each can be latest over almost any combination of paint color, and can also be layered on top of each other since many films have a transparent graphic with a surrounding black background. All of my pictures in my profile are items that were customised using this system. Today I came across a can of Rust-Oleum Colorshift Galaxy Blue & I also received a large order of film patterns from my supplier. Seeing that the Galaxy Blue is recommended to be sprayed over a black base coat, I remembered that the True Weave Carbon Fiber film I just received is also recommended to be applied over black. I'm not 100% sure exactly what I'm going to apply this graphics experiment to but I have a small ABS hood scoop that's sitting in my shop unused and in new condition just screaming for some custom paint work. The result should be a really nice looking carbon fiber scoop that shimmers and color flops depending on what angle an part face your looking at. The picture above shows the actual film and pattern. I'll post updated pictures as I go along. I think this could end up being one of my favorites! You can see all of my past work at my small business page on Facebook.