Screened Porch - Furnishings - Sideboard

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It's been so hot here, but I'm slowly working on furnishing the porch.  Temps have been ranging from 95 up to 112; which makes it really difficult to paint everything.  I've been going out after 9 each evening when it's  cool enough to paint, so happily I was able to finish the sideboard.

This was an old dresser that I bought off of Varage Sale about a year ago; with the intention of turning it into a media cabinet.  I ended up building my industrial shelving unit instead; because I decided I wanted something that made a "smaller footprint" - so this had been taking up space in my garage.  As I was eyeballing the available empty space, I remembered it and "lightbulb moment" thought it would do as a sideboard across from the table.

So, I sanded it,  added heavier shelving in place of the top three drawers; painted; added and stained a new top  and replaced the wood knobs with the more vintage looking handles.  

The items on the upper shelves are some scrap wood trivets for the hot dishes.  The vase in the center bottom was one I bought on sale for $4.00.  It was originally all teal on top, but I decided that it was a little too much teal.  So I covered and taped the bottom portion (allowing just a line of teal to show) and used Rust-Oleum Stone Mineral Brown to spray the top portion.  I really like the contrast better and am loving the stone paint - it's has great texture.  On to the next project.