Finished painting but show submissions timeline delayed

Submitted to Community Chat

Interesting Goodwill frame with art snapped up for $5.25. The art mounts from the front, I’m fairly certain that I have not used this sort of front mount framing before.

A dab of a stain marker and Testors gold enamel made the second hand custom made frame good as new. 

Painted the heron inspired by @Colors inspiration photo in the Dreaming of a Dream home post.

Initially tried a watery blue gray background but dissatisfied with that result so switched it up attempting to make the birds colors more prominent.

The Covid-19 situation has suspended the 3/21/20 submission timeline for the gallery show judging. Perhaps allowing more time to make two more entries for the postponed show.
3/20/20 update art show cancelled indefinitely -could be rescheduled at some point. Leaving more free time to dedicate to gnome making challenge projects.