I'm back!!! New robot designs coming up!

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Hey all! Sorry I haven't been here in forever, but I had back surgery (yes, finally) and I'm just now getting up to speed. I'd pretty much given up on my crafting building days until this happened!

Anyway, yes I'm back at it. Simon is still a thing, but he's looking pretty poorly right now due to being partially finished. I'll post pictures of him later today, but the picture above is my latest junkpile find!  The motors and frame are perfect, but the electronics are toast. They had a cat that chewed up the controller cord in the picture and it's history now due to a short cooking the innards. It's actually cheaper to buy a used one instead of replacing the controller!
I'm not even sure what to do with this yet, maybe Simon's bratty little sister? I'm thinking hard on this one. Is there a weird robot you've ever seen that might fit the bill?