What do you use for indoor craft painting/sealing surface protection as backdrop-dropcloths?

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Looking for different ideas for surface protection for indoor craft painting.
What is your favorite background or protective drop cloths to use for indoor craft painting or project sealing?

I have a huge brown paper covered —cardboard sheet which actually a folding cardboard cutting/sewing surface for my art table but tend to use smaller cardboard to paint smaller items on. When it get covered with paint it can be distracting. When the bottom large surface gets cluttered with paint - I use brown craft paper and brown -paper gummed packaging tape to cover that up.  

Paint puddles and can unintentionally glue your canvas or project to the cardboard or brown paper protection. Sometimes I used pieces of a foam egg carton to elevate my project while drying.
Typically an easel is not right for every project.

Occasionally I use a folded sandwich parchment paper too. That works particularly well when glittering and recovery of the unused glitter.

Most recently- I have been opening the PRIME envelopes and using them to protect surfaces below. Clean nonstick surfaces. They are easy on the eyes with tedious work and plentiful- at least with multiple delivery we seem to get here.

Glass ( safety) might be a wonderful surface because it could be cleaned.
What do you use?