Craft Paint Organizer

Submitted to Community Chat

I was cleaning out my craft paints this morning. I was thinking how great it was that I had this organizer that holds 160 craft paints. I got it at a garage sale for 15.00. It really earns it's keep. I have 48 Testors craft paints so I have room for 112 more. I wonder how many different Testors craft paints they make???

   So I thought some of you that know how to make wood projects, probably wouldn't mind making one of these to have or give. It has four sides with 40 holes in each and it turns.Thats the best part it turns. 

   I don't even know if the maker intended it for craft paints but that's how I saw it, it works great. It was in a never used condition when I got it.

   Hope you like this idea!