my birthday present to myself!!

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Okay, there's a story behind this, so bear with me. Lol
My mother was a music teacher. She did private instruction from my earliest memories to the time I was 13 and she inherited a drug store from my grandfather.

I learned how to play just about any stringed instrument, but I never got to learn how to play a hammered dulcimer. I had been talking to a friend who's an occupational therapist a few weeks ago and she was trying to find someone who could play the dulcimer because she had a patient who had made one but didn't even know how to tune it.

I mentioned how I always wanted to learn, but never had the chance. Friday was my birthday and I turned 51. Saturday, I decided to stop at a church rummage sale and I saw this for 10 bucks. I had to buy it. Lol I have to make some hammers for it, but that's easy.  I'm trying to find some rosewood and ebony now to make some really pretty ones. Wish me luck!!