American Flag Cutting Board

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So a buddy of mine asked me to make him an American Flag Cutting Board.

I’ve never done one before so I figured that this was a good time to try. If I failed, we’ve been friends long enough that he wouldn’t hold it against me ;)

This board is made from Walnut and Maple and is 18.5” long by 9.75” wide. The toughest part was getting the dimensions for the Union correct.

It all starts with the width of the stripes, I decide to do them at .75” which equals 9.75” in total width. According to the official US Flag code, the length is 1.9 times the width equaling 18.5”. After doing some searching I came across the dimensions of the Union which is 40% of the overall length of the Flag. Once I had that, it all fell into place!

I have a video on my Instagram page of oiling the backside of the flag with Walrus Oil (IMO, the absolute BEST oil to use on any wood board).

I’ve received five orders for more from just my Facebook friends and will be creating more of these in the future.

My next board will use Maple and Cherry for the stripes and Purpleheart for the union - although that one is a few weeks away ;)

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