10FT Farm Table

Submitted to Community Chat

Hey GALS/GUYS just wanted to post this here. We finished our 10ft farm table, and bench! YAY! This was a fun build.

To get that crystal clear top, we coated the top with varathane triple thick ( now Rust-oleum Triple Thick ) then lightly sanded, applied again, and sanded. For the top (3rd and 4th) coat we used Rust-oleum poly Gloss. Thin coats of this (gloss poly) is KEY, to get a glass like surface. We found that using a foam brush for the tripple thick is the best. Using a normal brush will leave an uneaven surface because the material is sooo thick. If your finding that a foam brush is leaving behind bubbles? Use a hair dryer, or a heat gun and those little pesky bubbles will work their way to the surface, and pop!

We used a biscuit jointer for the top, and  used a craig jig for the legs, bench, and skirt. To get a Rustic look we used a Japanese Shinto rasp, 100 grit sand paper, and a sawzall. For the color we choose to go with Varathane Espresso. We applied a heavy coat, almost black. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wiped off the excesse.