Our first submission!

Submitted to Community Chat

Hey everyone -- I just wanted to give an overall shout out/thanks regarding our submission to the spooktacular contest! My fiance and I did more of a tutorial entry for a coffin style serving tray for ours and we're all excited to see the results of the contest! Everyone did such a great job -- I didn't expect to be so inspired by everyone else's work! I've been watching all of the activity on the community for a while now but I'm getting more confidence to jump into some of the conversations! My fiance and I are hoping to learn as much as we can so that we can give it all back to the community!
We just wanted to say thanks for all the comments being that this is our first submission! It means alot! We hope our project inspired some of you! 
If you haven't seen it already, here's a link to ours! But please take a look at everyone's hard work and give your support! There are true creators on here who deserve to be recognized! Good luck to everyone!

Also, here's a link to our facebook page where we post some of the projects we're working on! Please comment or like if you can! 

Much love,
Grayson and Brandy