Results from my Challenge Submission (Finalist, not a winner)

Submitted to Community Chat

Although my submission was not a winner, I was happy with the final results that I achieved on my own (i.e. no prize money).  Once I started the work, there were changes that had to be made to my original plans.  You know what they say about the best laid plans...

I had hoped to save the cabinet and be creative about a new paint job, but the inside of the cabinet base was too water damaged to save--that project was taken off the list as we purchased a new cabinet.  Turned out what I thought was just a horrible paint job on the walls (who paints a bathroom orange?) was actually a horrible paint job over horrible wallpaper.  Soaking would not remove it due to the paint coating, so that I had to scrape and scrape by hand. 

We ending up using some cool bamboo patterned panels to hide the hideous painted wallpaper that I could not remove.  These panels, I painted half in white in order to create a wainscoting effect with some added trim.  That was my 'wow' factor along with the floor tile (that, at least, turned out exactly as planned).