Child's antique/ vintage rocking chair

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I posted this on the ask an expert too, but thought I'd ask my fellow creators as well. The above chair is not the specific one I have, but it is the same model, the stenciling just doesn't pop as much. I'm hoping to find something to help that without actually altering the original paint and stenciling. I just want to make it shine and pop. I was wondering what products you have used with antiques/ vintage items. I think it's from early 20th century, I have to do a little more research. I know that it is a Nichols and Stone child's rocking chair. 

Is there a product that brings paint back to life? I thought I had seen something previously that would bring back writing on old crates, (maybe the renew product) has anyone tried that on something like this? Otherwise, any suggestions for wood products to help treat it as is. It is painted black, with gold stenciling, on the back of chair, the front lip (where the child's legs would hang over) and in several of the grooves.

Thanks in advance for your help!