Personalized door mats

Submitted to Product Chat

Hello. Quick question about product selection for creating personalized coir doormats. Maybe garden flags too.

When making stenciled doormats with a black spray product I seem to be seeing flexseal aerosol used regularly and most recently noted someone using truck bed liner spray. I seem to see the stenciled project being sealed with a clear top coat sealer.

How close is truck bed liner to flexseal or do you see it as potential option for this application? I recently saw a truck bed liner aerosol highlighted here at the Studio but I really don’t know anything about it.

I am guessing a rubberized aerosol product would be beneficial over a regular spray paint or even a fabric spray paint in thickness and durability?

I did have some trouble using the Testors fabric paint with a Cricut vinyl stencil so I’m not too sure where the incompatibility is .....likely I left the stencil on too long to allow the paint to fully dry.
I guess it would be possible to do a freezer paper stencil if suggested.

Thanks for your time and trouble to read this and offer product insight.