Fluffle = Todays afternoon project = a Dozen Bunnies

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I wanted a vinyl cutter to make perfect stencils....Little did I know that a vinyl cutter could do so much more...... including drawing!

I am just realizing some of the things a cricut can do a few months into ownership. There seems to be unlimited potential. 
I have a LOT to learn.

I thought about adding some rabbits to my carrot garland. Found an internet image and converted it to svg. Figured out how to use the fine point sharpie aftermarket holders to the drawing arm. After printing out a test sheet -printed out three more cardstock sheets using the new black sharpie marker- a dozen bunnies.

Hand colored the bunnies with acrylic washes, then dual pointed markers lastly colored pencils.
I am thinking about adding another layer of cardstock, posterboard or foam core to further stiffen. Plan to add a few to my garland.

The extra rabbits- I may enhance with a carrot to the paws or maybe a heart. Plan to send the extras in the mail to elderly aunties out of state, grandchild and local fire rescue and police department with a note of appreciation.

TIL....today I learned a group of bunnies is called a fluffle, herd or colony.