Can I darken my kitchen cabinets with the Cabinet Wood Refinishing System

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I have cherry cabinets in my kitchen that have a spiced stain on them. I love the wood grain, but I'd like to actually darken the color of the cabinets a bit, so it's a richer, darker, less orange-y finish. I'd like to use the Cabinet Restoration Kit in the dark wood color (designed for Walnut and darker woods) so I can essentially "glaze" my cabinets to the darker cherry finish I desire. Will this work? I know your website says to choose a color closest to my actual cabinets (which in this case would be the light or dark cherry kit). 

So can I use this product to darken my cabinetry ... or will it fade over time around the knobs and pulls? I realize I could use the Cabinet Transformations to completely change the color, but I'd like a bit of the wood grain to show through. 

Here's the product I was considering:

Thanks for your help!