New Year's Resolution Update/Asking for Advice!!!

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One of the things listed in my New Years DIY Resolution post was to continue the flooring from the entryway/hallway throughout the kitchen. We were able to get the ball rolling fast on this one (thank you taxes) and they're in and I love them! They really brighten up the place.

My boyfriend and I both have never liked the cabinet color, so changing them is a go, but I'd like to figure out a color before I move forward on painting and re-installing the trim. Last year, I redid the breakfast bar with Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations in Chocolate thinking maybe we'd do all the cabinets in that color. It does look wonderful against the new flooring, but I'm afraid it may be too dark. We struggle with natural lighting, as there aren't many windows in the townhouse, and honestly we struggle with lighting in general. Lol, another thing we're working on.

So here's where I need some advice. I was thinking maybe an off-white cabinet would be best? Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations comes in a few colors that I feel would be nice, but I'm not sure. I went onto their virtual kitchen makeover webpage and chose my favorites, which I added as photos below. Each one says the name of the color in the bottom right corner. Any input on which I should go with, or any other ideas will be greatly appreciate!!!!! Thank you!!! :-)