Happy Birthday to my Husband!!

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I just wanted to share this funny little sign I just did recently for my husband's birthday. We have a 2 car garage but with my car, a storm shelter (tornados~yikes!) and his tool and hardware "store" in there, well there's not room for little else, much less another entire vehicle. Well, he LOVES his truck~ALOT, lol! He hasn't had it quite a year and every time the weather started getting bad, to say he went into panic mode was an understatement , lol!! Let me add to his defense, that last year my son's new car got hail damage during a storm.

Anyway, sorry I'm trying to make this short, but I get tickled every time I think about it. He decided to buy a prebuilt shed, pretty basic (still too pricey for me, I kept telling him that's what insurance is for, lol) model with a pull down garage door on the end, which he's since converted to electric). He has put SO much time, work, thought and even a little thievery (the light above the garage door is an old gas station light cover I picked up a while back I wanted to use in my kitchen, but he obviously found a way to make it work for him and it does look great and yes, I eventually told him so! He did use some of my Rustoleum Spray Paint on it tho without asking and that's a big no no around here, lol!

So I've been teasing him relentlessly about the new house that he has for his truck because he keeps calling it a shed, but believe me, this is not an ordinary shed, all it needs is a cot and a port a potty and it's a full blown house! lol

Again, in his defense, we've only lived in this state for not quite 6 years, we were both born and raised in South Louisiana~we're used to Hurricanes, not tornadoes!!!

****YEA!!! The sign got hung outside today! Above the side entrance door, which includes a storm door so when it rains, it won't blow in under the regular door, lol! To know him is to love him and I sure do love him!!!