Stick Art

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I did these three little pictures for my front entrance.

It was kind of a morning project. I used three frames I got at a sale for 3 for 1.00. I cut three pieces of thick Watercolor paper.

I sprayed the frames with all RUST-OLEUM  sprays. Universal winter grey gloss, Stops Rust in Gloss white and Stops Rust Silver Metallic. I sprayed the papers with all RUST-OLEUM  sprays  Universal sea mist a pearl metallic.Universal winter gray gloss, 2x Ultra in semi gloss white.

I got the papers thick with the paints with small sprays to create a marbled base. Then I quickly grabbed a stick, I cleaned off the end from any loose bark and I etched some simple flowers into the paint. Next I let everything dry to touch.

After they were dry I used RUST-OLEUM Testors enamel to paint in the flowers. While the Testors was still tacky I added some white glitter.

I put every thing back together when they dried and they look great! That's the first thing you see upon entering  my house now. They look so good with the things hanging around them. See pics. They are all hanging against RUST-OLEUM Simply Home soft beige wall paint. Love it!

The spray paints were just cans of paint leftover with a little left, so it was a very inexpensive project.1.00 for the frames and a little white glitter.

I really like them. Hope you do too! :)

Update: In the end, I decided to change out the frame color to Universal metallic Turquoise.