The Flag of the United States of America

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If you read "The Flag Code," as many Military have been required to do, you will find out there are protocols for the display of our Flag and its symbolism that are frequently violated. Those violations are almost always protected by the First Amendment. I fly my Flag 24/7 and about a month ago the solar light system failed. It states "No consumer serviceable parts inside." The First Amendment allows lies. There are a set of rechargeable batteries. I have replaced them before when a previous failure occurred.

This time I tried two sets of batteries, both with different ratings and got nothing. So,… the Mother of Invention is need. I was in Home Depot the other day and found two inexpensive solar powered lights as I walked through the store. Along with a piece of one inch heavy wall PVC this is what I ended up with. The original colors were black for the lights and white for the PVC. Rust-Oleum Metalic Silver did not quite turn out as glittery as I had hoped but it does nicely.

The final product is better illumination that I had before for less money.

There are certain days that I fly my POW-MIA flag (due to cost). The day a dear friend was released from North Vietnam after 3 ½ years of torture and his birthday are two that are not on the public calendar.