👁Eyeball DIY 👁 Pinterest inspired idea

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I am not sure how expert professional DIYers would do this but I started this project with a few lessons learned.Hopefully learn from my mistakes.

I wondered about using adhesive vinyl but I think the cardstock might be an easier choice to apply. Since it cut out well using the intricate setting I proceeded. Perhaps I should’ve used a larger sized eyeball image for this size ball. Lesson learned with actual application.

Decoupaged papier-mâché ball with newspapers. Allow it to dry.
I imagine a Styrofoam ball would work just as well—- if that is more economical.

Cut out clip art :eyeball with the Circut on black cardstock.
Tinting the ball with brown acrylic might be recommended and allowed to dry.

Using part of your waste part of your Cricut paper cut out—- use it as a stencil to paint the -white part only -of the eye prior to cut out placement.
Allow to dry and then decoupage your cardstock cut out over the white stenciled paint

Optional intricate tiny additional details could be hand-painted or decoupaged on.

Multiple layers of Modpodge or sealer of choice might be recommended for a good sealer coating in the sheen of your choice .
Used Testors white and earthy terre brown.
Just love the Testors applicator tip dispenser bottle— it is far superior to all other acrylic 2 ounce bottles I have used, Not to mention the quality thickness and coverage of this acrylic paint. Highly recommend.

I have a 3 pc set/bag of dollar tree rubber-like ball maybe thats an base surface option to consider too.

Edit 10/22.
Decoupage try
Newspaper decoupaged the 3 -dollar tree balls after a primed paint coating.

Tried a computer print out of an eyeball on the reverse side of the first example try which could be an another easy option to consider

Might suggest that a fixative be applied to the printer ink as it had a gray smear reaction with the white glue as seen in my example.
Actually I expected it to happen— but I ran out of artist fixative spray.
Hairspray failed causing a runny blurry pink mess
Rustoleum clear matte was somewhat successful and did completely stabilize the printer ink preapplication - the decoupage white glue did cause a hint of a pinkish blur and made black ink more sepia toned, a bit different reaction than the white school glue.
More learning experiences.

Findings- comparison
The cardstock cut out does apply cleanly—clearly with less wrinkles— than the decoupage printout eyeball on regulation computer paper..
But more fine graphic details are evident in the printout.
Computer print outs retouched with white acrylic helped disquise unfortunate computer ink smearing.

Retouched smears

Final presentation
Redecoupahed with paperback book pages—unhappy with brown tinted Modpodge.
Book pages left as is covering up previous surface.
Using thinnest paper possible may be the best option for a curved surface.
That or a waterslide decal…a technique which- I have never tried.
Staining the eyeball with brown sepia tone is an optional preference

Thanks to everyone that’s help me try to figure out the ink jet smearing and offer suggestions.
Believe I need to go back to the artist fixative spray which I ran out of.
👁 Pretty simple craft project.👁
Happy Halloween