Dollar Store transformation, fabric, glue and paint

Submitted to Community Chat

Another project off the bucket list.
Might even try another one in the future, possibly a more intricate designs for an older child.

Dollar tree green headband disassembled/stripped, the taller antler mounts were trimmed down to be shorter.

Older antlers ( non sequined) from another headband were lengthened and painted.
Wool felt was wrapped around the DT headband.
Followed by mounting sewn felted ears + felted florals, and hand trimmed repainted clearance autumn leaves and the painted antlers all reattached to DT headband with hot glue.
Some twine-green ribbon from her first birthday party used as ( a memory) accent, ears dotted with white paint.

As always…. the paint products ( on antlers, dotted ears and all the floral leaves) made this project better!