Heart to heart hanging

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I handmade this wall hanging and this year I decided to add the word Valentines and the letters XOXO. A simple addition but makes a big difference. I used E6000 to glue them on. I got the galvanized words at guess where, the dollar tree. It turned out so nice how I used them. The last word love that came in the pack, I used too, on a decorative shelf item. I want to show it another post:
I used lots of Testor’s craft paints when I made the wall hanging. I think the post was called heart to heart. 
Don’t think those Valentines bags in the picture  will last till Valentines, I’m gonna use them to find homes for one or two gnomes at a time. Lol!! Don’t you just love the little ones 6 inches tall and so cute!!!:) This one I’m showing is an edge hanger.