Baby boy wreath

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I saw the cutest Patriotic vessel "wreath" on here and thought I'd share a wreath I made for my daughter's baby shower and to hang on the hospital door. I took a green floral wreath (I don't remember what size) and wrapped it in a wide base color ribbon and used straight pins at the end. Then I bought every blue, baby, it's a boy ribbon I could find. I then cut 7 1/2" pieces of all the ribbon and flagged each end of every one. (Hours of cutting, lol) Then I just starting pinning them on the wreath with no rythm or wreason until I felt it was full enough. I used a thin square piece of wood and painted it, stenciled his name on it, added a couple of embellishments and hot glued it on the wreath. Everyone loved it at the shower and my daughter has it hanging on his nursery room door.