Marbling My Way Through the Holidays

Submitted to Community Chat

I. LOVE. MARBLING. MEDIUM. There, I said it.  It's so fun!!! I made this leaf trivet and some coasters all at once. I was so engrossed in my project that almost forgot to pick my son up from preschool. Sorry kid! Anyway, I had to stop myself before I used it all. I promised my boys that they would be able to use it too.  

It was very simple to use, but I did learn some tricks that I plan to implement in future projects.  The wooden leaf was slightly rough in spots. I should have sanded it smooth to allow the paint to flow better.  I was just too excited to worry about things like proper prep!!! I think a basecoat of paint would also help it flow more. The wood absorbed the paint so quickly that I had to really work it around. I also made the mistake of putting too much of one color paint in one spot.  I learned very quickly that in order to get lots of blending I need to put the colors all over when I pour it.  When I did my coasters I also tried layering the colors.  The gold paint provided was very thin and sheer.  It tended to get lost when I mixed it at the same time as the other colors. For 2 of my coasters I added the gold after I marbled the other colors.  I love the look it gave.

The best part about this stuff? While eating pizza with his friends, my 9 year old told them, "Hey guys, you see that cool leaf? My mom made that!" 

*swoon* *heart full* I think he's impressed by me! (At least for now!) 

Thank you so much for sending me this kit to try! My biggest downfall with arts/crafts is that I fear wasting money.  I rarely try new products. This group has been such an encouragement to me! I have done so many new products since becoming a Creators Studio Groupie. Thank you!!