Lake house Bathroom renovation

Submitted to Community Chat

Over the winter we completed a full renovation of a vintage single wide manufactured home located on a lake. We use the home as a summer getaway.
The bathroom vanity, inefficient window, toilet and flooring was removed. I didn’t like the look or placement of the over the sink medicine cabinet so it was taken out for resurfacing. All the paneled walls and ceiling were given 2 coats of Zinser primer and 2 coats of white enamel paint in satin finish. The ceiling fan was also resurfaced with Rustoleum white enamel spray paint. A new recessed LED light replaced the old ceiling fixture.
We built a new open vanity re-using the sink. I painted it a deep blue, the same color as the new kitchen cabinets. The medicine cabinet was repainted in Rustoleum 2X spray cottage white inside and out and moved to the side wall. A queen size footboard was re-imagined for towel hooks with more cottage white and Rustoleum blackboard paint just for fun. Recycled wooden wine boxes were painted with naval flag designs and finished with 3 coats of matte poly acrylic. Leftover gray and white glass mosaic tile was installed in a random pattern as a backsplash inspired by the ripples on the lake surface. A vintage resale shop mirror completed the vanity area.
I resurfaced the built in shower and surround tile with Rustoleum tub and tile brushed on paint.
Now we have a bright, clean and functional bathroom that we can be proud of at a minimal cost.