Finger painting with Rustoleum wood stain!

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Hey all long time no see! 

I'll start off by saying a very big sorry for being MIA for the longest time. I was spending so much time on lots of social media platforms that I was constantly chained to my phone so I made the decision to stop.

However after attending a workshop last week that Rustoleum were a part of it made me shake my head and say what the heck am I doing? The one company that always is there for the maker community and I seemed to turn my back on one of the best outlets for creative ideas out there.

So with that being said I thought I'd share some stain effects I did using nothing more than a super cool Lichtenberg burning and Rustoleum stain layered on with a rag on the end of my finger!!

The colours I used were the worn navy / barn red / coral / antique white / summer oak /charcoal grey / weathered grey / kona / rustic sage and ebony.  

I hope you like them and I'll be doing a You Tube video on the technique (not the burning part - me and electricity don't get on - it was a colleagues 'machine' that burnt the pattern in the wood prior to me getting my hands on it