The best stuff sells out really, really, fast!!

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Do you decorate for Valentines? A friend of mine says she doesn’t decorate much for Valentines. She lives a far distance away from me so I didn’t know that. She also mentioned that the house looks so bare after you put away all those Christmas decorations. I agreed fully! She loves to decorate her house. I think with a little encouragement I can get her to hang those Valentines! So Fun!
I didn’t spend a lot this year to decorate. I kinda challenged myself to see if I could incorporate some of the dollar tree things. Really their things are quite cute! Also I have my handmade things like my “made for this year“ Valentine gnomes and the heart pictures from last year and the year before. You need a few choice items to add to the less expensive ones, to get the look I think. 
I don’t want to overdo it, like I’m having a Valentines party but I do want it to look as though I’m participating in the holiday. Lol
Not counting the five Valentine gnomes and the two heart pictures. I spent less then $1.00 to do the sideboard, $5.00 to do the gnome shelf in the kitchen (where I got candles and holders, also at dollar tree). About 1.50 for the fireplace, $3.00 for the end table and since I had all the stuff I didn’t spend anything on the foyer table but I spent $3.00 to decorate the hooks with the heart picture I made with 3 fantastic glitter bags from the dollar tree.
I still need to make a centerpiece and a door wreath. All together I’ve spent $15.00 so far on Valentines this year. All my stuff comes out as soon as Christmas is put away. Because everyone expects me to decorate early. I’m on the same time as the stores. If they’ve got it out, chances are I do too. So to my friend, decorate for Valentine’s Day and the house won’t seem so bare after Christmas is all put away.
P.S. Sorry I put this post in so early but if someone wanted to get something I pictured from the dollar tree, they’d need to hurry in because a lot of the best stuff sells out really, really, fast!!:)