Pumpkins 4 Ways - #2 Polka Dot Perfection

Submitted to Community Café

If you would like a fun pumpkin but cannot draw perfect circles – check out this spooktacular hack!

Step 1:  Clean the pumpkin and let dry.

Step 2:  Apply circle labels (can be all the same size or several different sizes) all around the pumpkin in whatever pattern you choose.

Step 3:  Spray paint the pumpkin with any Rust-Oleum spray paint you have on hand and let dry.

Step 4:  Carefully peel off the stickers.  

Step 5:  Use Testors Enamel Paint markers to add some designs and make it extra special.

Tricks and Tips

If you want your stem to stay brown, tape it off before pouring.

Use a small straight edge to pick the stickers off.

Be sure to press the stickers down completely or you may get overspray under your circles and they won't be clean and crisp.

Add ribbon and gems to make it even more festive!