Benches and Fences

Submitted to Furniture

We acquired a couple old rotted cast iron and wood benches with the idea to remake them into memorial benches for our fathers (both passed in the last 2 years). Fortunately we were able to find 2 matching benches on marketplace within 20 miles of us. We designed and cut the top slat on the cnc, cut all of the back and seat slats and added new hardware. After completing the benches Cheryl decided to use the horse themed cast backs to add something different to a privacy fence we were building on the back lot. We made a 3 panel fence and added the castings with decorative glass panes on each side. We are still searching for a decorative casting for the center fence. We renewed all of the castings with Rustoleum hammered matte black spray paint. One of the best parts of the project was that the lumber used for the benches was from Cheryl's fathers lumber he had left in his barn. He was an accomplished woodworker and had created many wonderful projects.