Rusty Breadbox Updated

Submitted to Product Chat

Salvaged! I started with a coat of Krud Kutter (best cleaner ever)! Then I had to get some help to put the edges back together. The rust had caused it to fall apart. I used a little E6000 on the inside shelf to steady it. It was in very delicate shape. Our attempt at soldering did not go as planned. After much thought, I decided it was best to give it a complete makeover and protect what was left. That spot that looks like a decal was actually rust. There was nothing left of the original decal. All the great ideas I received were most helpful. While I loved the original color, it was a bit too much rust and I thought it was better to refresh it. I used Rustoleum primer first to fill in the rust pits to make as smooth as possible. I spray painted the inside silver. Then I gave it a coat of Rustoleum Apple Green spray paint. Finally I added a decoupaged rooster and new doorknob. I used tiny magnets to adhere the door. I think the bottom door fits under the shelf with a tiny lip, but it is a bit too wobbly to use it that way so magnets work better. I also decided to use it instead of my own breadbox. This one has a nice shelf, is plenty big yet more compact.

I’ve just been gifted this rusty breadbox. What is the best way to clean it, perhaps remove some of the rust without ruining the patina or green paint, and then sealing to prevent future rust?