Crafting with Imagine Glitter paint recommendation please?

Submitted to Product Chat

Hello what is the best way to handle paint-on Imagine glitter paint in a crafting application?
I’ve tried to research it on my own and most applications were for drywall and one was furniture. I can’t find much user information on how to address a potential application on top ( stencil) of the Imagine glitter paint.

After several coats Imagine glitter has a sandy textured type appearance.
My first attempts to stencil over the paint was miserable and fuzzy likely due to the glitters surface texture sadly needing substantial touchup. After the touch up more glitter paint applications around the stencil design was tricky.

Experts how would you address that?  
  • Would you recommend putting a sealer comprehensively on top of the glitter paint level it out? Would that dull the sparkle?
  • Would you recommend putting a clear coat inside the actual stencil and then putting the desired stencil color on top? Sometimes the stenciled item does peel off with vinyl removal.
  • Would you recommend spray paint stenciling or paint on stenciling for best results?
  • If some sort of sealer is going to be suggested and used how long does it need to cure prior to a vinyl stencil application —that will be removed.
  • Overall-Is there a recommended finish sealer for this paint to maintain the depth and sparkle in a complimentary way...what sheen is recommended?
I do realize that putting vinyl on top of the glitter paint might be the most suitable satisfactory  option -it does not suit my hand painted aesthetic— if—there is a reasonable way to accomplish this.

Absolutely amazing product...I just need better insight how to work more friendly with it.

Thanks for any recommendations you can offer.