Painting pumpkins 2019, collegiate version

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Quickie afternoon project. Collegiate pumpkins for hostess gift.

Took the Walmart $.98 pumpkins and coated them with Zinnser123 primer. Left a nice chalky finish followed up with watered down acrylic glaze in the pumpkin crevices also added some spatter.
Traced collegiate mascot design on parchment like sandwich wrap. Why did I use this odd paper product -I had it in my craft cupboard- it was from the thrift store. Its very very thin, accepts paint ( not waxy) and I found that it decoupages entirely flat - molded to the 3D pumpkin perfectly and was rather invisible much like a decal. A tracing paper like alternative.

Outlined the traced pencil drawing with paint marker and handpainted per mascot design demand. Cut around mascot outline with scissors, matte modgepodged design to attach to the side of the pumpkin. Used the matte sheen modgepodge to match the white grey chalky color finish.

This cut and paste technique could be done with any name, design or logo. I have done it on a canvas panel too. Its much easier than painting on a dimensional surface or in my case my frustration doing lettering (with no vinyl cutter) your finished lettering will be agreeable -before the final attachment to the project.