All ready for photo booth pictures.

Submitted to Community Chat

My neighbor is a prolific picture taker and they love their photo booth.  It was rather a plain Jane operation so she asked me to spruce it up for a colleague's retirement party.  The chalk board on the bottom right is removable.  She wants to write things appropriate to the event.

The frame boards are quite thin and sun burned from 60 years of being on the south face of an old granary.  They are quite brittle but look awesome.  Even if they only last a couple of years we can face the stand with something else.

The chalkboard sign was made the same way as my "welcome to our cabin" sign.  Running a piece of barnwood through the planer but leaving live edges.  After quite a few coats of Rust-oleum chalkboard paint, it was ready for seasoning.

My neighbor loves it and couldn't be happier.  Yay, another project complete.