Gnome home

Submitted to Community Chat

I used pallet boards lightly sanded to take off the splinters but leave the roughness to make them look weathered. Cut the 4" wide boards down to three strips and sanded the edges to make them look like smaller individual boards. for the doors and shutters. I used scrap plywood for the bulding and left over misc boards from the pallets or other projects for the frame. Painted the siding to look like boards and shingled the roof. Used small hinges on the door. This is a live tree so jsut attched it to the front with screws and filled in teh small gap with loose bark that had falled from the tree. This is a large Cottonwood tree with this bark. I made windows  with planter boxes, another door identical to this one for my friend for her fairy house out of a tree downed by a storm. I used the chains sw to cut the holes for the windows and the doorway for the door on that project. They were both fun to make.