Any Fabric painters here?

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Work in progress.
Been combining fabric ( fabric, Dollar Tree Ts and a repurposed canvas boat cover scrap) and 2oz acrylic paints.
1- htv coloring book design applied outline to fabric or clothing and
2- some separate fabric painting alone for future attachment to thrifted clothing.

Besides fabric paint medium and final applied heat set steps — are there any more recommendations to fix the acrylic painted design to fabric and or specific laundry suggestions?

With Speedball screen print ink/paints its a several minute heat set with the iron moving.

Earlier did a shirt for my grandson, this summer- that is holding for now - so far -with routine family laundry.
Not sure if there was any additional final fabric fixative or fabric painted treatment that I might not know about— to help set the applied acrylic enhancement?
Suggestions and recommendations appreciated- thanks!

Edit update 10/01/23
Finding: Believe its best for the projects I am trying to create: to paint on the applied htv outline -fabric garment directly. Tip: feel that ironed-on freezer paper on the reverse side helps stabilize and stiffen fabric for painting in raw spots.
Hopeful these last results will be the cleanest uncomplicated looking and softest result…fingers crossed.