Coordinates Sign

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I loved this idea as soon as I saw it, although I don't remember where I saw it first. It may have been when I was looking for a 5th anniversary wedding present for my wife. If I had planned it out better, I would have made one myself, but I didn't have enough time so I bought one from etsy. That was back in October, so that meant that I had planty of time to make a few for Christmas presents!

And that's what this one is. I made it for my brother and his wife, who, as you can see, live in Thailand. That made it quite a challenge to actually find the coordinates, because when I plugged in their address on Google maps, it got me to the right city, but definitely not their house. It's the 4th largest city in Thailand, so I hunted around on the satellite view for over an hour, going off what I remembered from visiting. And I finally found it! 

I didn't take any "during" pics, because I literally just used a few pocket holes to join two boards together. I did use the Briarsmoke stain and the triple thick poly that are both awesome Rust-Oleum products.

I do need to give credit to my lovely and talented wife, April, for doing the lettering by hand. She loosely traced the letters from a print out, scetched the compass completely by hand, and used a paint pen to fill it in. She did a fantastic job! 

We have another one that's all ready for the lettering that we are giving to my parents. I'll post that one when it's completed as well.