Repainted corner cabinet

Submitted to Community Chat

I should have entered this in the trash to treasure challange. I bought this corner cabinet for $1.00 at a neighbors yard sale. I failed to take a before photo. The three top shelves were a very dark forest green and I don't remember what color the frame and bottom two shelves were. It was a high gloss paint so I stripped it out of the cabinet and primed it. I bought it with my Unicorn and carousel horse collection in mind as a display shelf. I came up with painting each shelf with a different theme to help accent the postition of my horses and unicorns. I did two shelves in a carousel design and tried to draw/paint in the design to counter act the corner cabinet shape and make it look like the center was round to look like an actual carousel.  The bottom shelf was the hardest theme to come up with as I constantly battled with my cat while I was painting all the other shelves. He insisted it was his bed. I eventually came up with a castle on a raised island with a road to the mainland. On the left of the mainland is a tree with golden apples. We drilled holes right inside the inner edge of the shelves and put white Christmas lights inside the holes which light the cabinet up at night. I hope to eventually find something better than the foil I used for the mirrors to replace the mirrors with. Each one is a different size in order to add to the reverse angles needed for the round effect. Eventually I'll add plexy glass or real glass panels to help keep the dust off all the figures.