My secret to getting that flawless gloss

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First, there's no substitute for prep. I let cure out and wet sand the first coat where i begin to see flaws. If you continue your only adding to the problem after that. Here's my secret weapons though. After you spray your final clear coat let it cure for 18-24hr. Then wet sand. Not dry, it needs to be wet sanded starting with a 1000 grit wet/dry sand paper. I typically use 1000, 1200, 1500, & then finally the 3000 grit you see in the pic. I love this particular product an it truly is my secret weapon. Also, it's critical to soak the sand paper in warm water for about 1/2hr prior to use. I use the kitchen sink when the size of the past allows for it. That way i can let the water run while i sand. When you're getting it close it'll stay to feel like the part your sanding has become magnetised to the sand paper. It's hard to explain but you'll know what I mean when you feel it. The 3000 grit in the pic is on a sponge and allows me to polish edges, corners & small areas with little risk of cutting completely through the clear coat. I then use the Meguiar's products in the picture in order from left to right. I apply them using a small polishing kit i purchased from an use my cordless drill. The drill turns slower than your typical buffer so there's less risk of eating completely through the clear coat. I'm sure this isn't new to everyone here but this technique took me alot of trial an error so I hope it helps someone else achieve that final finish we all strive for. -James