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FINALLY FINALLY, IT IS ALMOST DONE! This has been a project we have worked for years on! Every piece of dirt, rock, stone, paver, plant, wood, and cement! If you look at the picture with the steps in it at the very bottom of the cement- THAT IS WHERE WE STARTED! WHEN WE MOVED INTO THE HOUSE IT HAD WASHED OUT THE WHOLE SIDE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE CEMENT!!! I extended the pad out about a foot and build a small wall around the door. And with my lawnmower and little trailer I started hauling dirt from the backyard. I put in draining pipeline from the backyard to the front. THEN haul dirt for years LMBO!!! The only machine I ever had was the lawnmower! ALL was done by hand. When the first level came up to grade that is when my wife suggested a Zen Garden. So that year (lol) I made the retainer wall and and pavers for the bottom patio and we put the small bush and some flowers. THEN more dirt behind the retainer wall! A few years later we decided to make the medium size bush grow like a tree but control how it would grow and add Small pepples and BIG ROCKS in the flower bed. (less maintenance) STILL hauling more dirt behind the retainer wall. Then that year we decided to put a retainer wall up by the house and make flower beds so we could make the steps to the backyard. All the beautiful grass I had planted had to be dug up for this to be done BUT I had dug so much out of the backyard that the transplant went great! I needed more grass so the second and upper patio was put in. Another retainer wall to level out the backyard. OH and pavers!(lol)   SO THIS year it finally ALL came together,we put a wooden fence and gate up to keep the dogs out pulled out the pressure washer and KRUD KUTTER cleaned it all up planted a few plants and flowers and Wal-la! OUR ZEN GARDEN IS ALMOST DONE! We have a little more touching up to do here and there and it will be done! (LMBO or will it ever really be done? /// We love working in our little spot of heaven on Earth!