Parks super glaze- Pour #2 tips

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Learning with practice? Parks Super Glaze pour #2 was done today. Passing along my experience and possible tips.
Besides following all the enclosed instructions, new attempts to try get the perfect pour using different personal technique. This time I checked the level of the project before pouring and again used a household timer for the stirring.

With the first pour I had difficulty deciding on what was the best stir stick to chose.  The regular paint stir sticks seem to be too large for my needs with my little plastic cups. Dowels chopsticks or a wooden piece of cutlery were considered. Trying to find the best - both stirring and spatula scraping quality in each potential choice. With the second pour I tried a plastic spoon that found that it didn’t really have enough stiffness or strength to satisfy my need. I switched to use the (thicker) handle part of a plastic knife and that seem to work better.

When doing the pour to assist floating the glaze out from the center to outer corners-I found that using an expired gift card or credit card is the great tool to smoothly spread the glaze out in a pallet knife fashion or squeegee fashion.

Used the embossing tool again to eliminate bubbles and additionally a ceramic tool to scoop out tiny fuzz or debris thats been characteristic in both pours. Not sure if this is a reflection of the clear glass cups that I am using or my laundry room environment. Doing this individual speck removal within the first 10 minutes is easy way to eliminate the defect by scooping it out.

This time I’m using my cake -cupcake topper to seal out any other chances of getting unwanted debris in the glaze as it cures.
Stayed tuned for the final project reveal in the Trash to a Treasure Challenge.

If any other Creators can recommend a better stir stick plmk, still wondering about that perfect spatula for scraping out the cups. Update found thick wide craft sticks at Dollar Tree- Thanks ChunkyMermaid for the comment.