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Got 3 slabs cut 3 inches thick! First WHAT A JOB! But each cut got better because I understood what I had to do to get a smooth cut. They are beautiful! I picked the stump where the tree started to spit into 2 big ones. I saw that I am going to need a lot of chain saw chains! LOL! THE TREE TRIMMERS TOLD ME TO MAKE A GOOD LONG STRAIGHT CUT I NEEDED A VERY SHARP CHAIN. AND THE BEST WAY TO DO THAT WAS TO BUY A COUPLE AND SHARPEN ON RAINING DAYS. THEY WERE RIGHT! 2ND LESSON. Holly, you was right about the sanding part! WOW! I have been sanding on this one wet slab for over a week and STILL have more to do! LMBO! 3rd lesson buy a whole lot of sand paper-ALL sizes! But what beautiful wood mother nature has given me! The pictures just can't do it justice! I tried from 3or4 different angles to get the best shots but just like mother nature seeing is believing! You will have to take my word that it is breathtaking!4th lesson get better camera LMBO! I will keep everyone up to date the best I can but you got to remember this old man has NEVER IN HIS LIFE had this much wood,time, and tools on his hands! (I think I am in heaven!)LMBO!BYE FOR NOW °_°}