End table knock off!!

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I get why good furniture is expensive I really do - however maybe because I'm cheap there's not a chance in heck that I'd pay the prices that some of the fancy box stores are charging. So I set out to make a copy of this Restoration Hardware Industrial Tool Chest Side Table using only offcuts of wood I have here to hand! ! The constriction is pretty basic pocket hole joinery - though I'm thankful for planers and jointers when attempting to use only what you have at hand !!!! The finish was created with Rustoleum spray paint - flat black - silver and copper in varying layers - them when this was dry I wiped a coat of red oak stain over the top to add a touch of richness. The total cost to me was $10 and that was for the hasp and magnetic push closer for the door. When you compare that to the $ 745 original I know which way I'll go. (Photo on the right from the Restoration Hardware website)