Spring decorating 🥕Carrot Crafting🥕

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Some more quarantine crafting with scavenged supplies on hand.
Wish to make some springtime crafts to add to some of the few vintage decor already on hand.

Cut some carrot shapes out of construction foam board and pool noodles. 
I was unsure how to treat foam prior to painting. I covered the carved carrot shapes with brown packaging paper recycled packing from a shipment- using modgepodge to attach. Purposely left a small twist of brown paper on the top. When the carrots were dry applied a piece of twine looped to this twist top area for hanging purposes.

Next painted the brown papered carrots (without any primer) with Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover mixing a blend of gloss sun yellow and gloss apple red to make orange. Put carrots on my clothesline and allowed it to dry overnight. The next day took some acrylic washes just to paint some quick striping in the carrot surface to get some depth and dimension.

Meanwhile took some more recycled brown paper cut into squares painted the sheets green on both sides. The next day cut up the green painted brown paper into fringed strips. Also had some green crepe paper streamers made some crepe paper fringed streamers to apply along with the painted green paper. The combination of crepe paper and painted brown paper was spiral hot glued on the carrot top.

Carrots could be used for wreaths, garland, or a table scaping. I combined it with some of my vintage decorations and my jackrabbit puppet for a kitchen display.

Certainly some other supplies might be used for easier fabrication.

1-Some green raffia might be used for the tassels or even green construction paper would save some time.

2-Rust-oleums Innovative time saver!
No need to have the messy modgepodge fingers.....
While in the middle of the project @Katy informed me that there is a foam primer spray paint. Boy this is nice to know!

<<We do have our Specialty Foam Primer that can help protect the surface prior to spray painting with our aerosols!