Rust-Oleum® Specialty Appliance Touch-Up - my secret alternate use

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I have had 3 different types of white kitchen cabinetry in 4 homes during the last 17 years ranging from from cheaper big box to a higher end custom white painted maple shaker style.

I have found the Rust-Oleum® Specialty Appliance Touch-Up to be an excellent touch up product for my white cabinets in all three situations-in areas of wear or damage ( corner wear, nicks or scratches) more-so than the cabinets proprietary touch up pen. The nail polish like applicator and paint viscosity are perfect for making these small touch ups.

Using this product off label would be cautioned for precise color matching- a color match test-could easily be done on the inside of the door panel to prove color compatibility as well as to be able to become comfortable using the touch up paint. It’s been the best $3-4 spent to maintain my white cabinets over the years, once again proven with yesterdays care and cleaning.

White cabinetry does need extra effort to keep clean and tidy, Rustoleum has been my secret aid to erase the minor imperfections-wear and tear from everyday use.