For my sister, but I might not tell her it's done...

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Ever do a project for someone else and just want to keep it?

My sister has been talking about how she wanted some art that said "be still, my soul"...for a while now. She told me she had something she was going to paint over and re-use. I told her just to bring it to my house, she'll never get it done. [lets just be real]

So, this is actually the base of a crib...which my sister had painted on (and why there is some texture on it) and I painted over again to make this sign. 

I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Coverage in satin, Blossom White, black paint for the frame, Sharpie'd the letters, and I plan to use a spray poly over the top.

....I actully did tell her it was done and she's pretty excited...I'm inspired to do some more.