💕💕American Accents Ultra Cover premium latex paint💕💕

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My first custom painted canvas mailbox garden flag was done almost one year ago and has held up beautifully. No fading or damage experienced with the outdoor weather exposure using Ultra Cover.

Doing a second garden- mailbox mini flag project in progress now.
This time using the cricut to draw the designs on a piece of primed canvas. Design is identically mirrored perfectly on both sides. So much easier and effortless using the cricut for design and placement.

The American Accents ultra cover is again a wonderful paint product choice - paint is remarkably thick, glossy and dries very quick —it is so glossy it still looks wet even after drying. Its glossy nature really fools me. The only downside might be a limited color availability, at least what I can find on local shelves. I may try mixing custom colors in the future.

This fabulous paint is much underutilized here at my home— that made me wonder......
What are some other projects that you might recommend this paint product for?
Looking for some ideas —if you have any projects you have done with this product! Thanks!