Wind chime- primer project #1 completed

Submitted to Community Chat

This wind chime has been broken for more than a year stored in a bin. The wooden top support disc was completely deteriorated-rotten splitting apart from weather exposure. I replaced the broken wind chime last April, with a metal wind chime with metal chain suspended tubes hoping it would last a long time. It did not sound as lovely as this older one- metal components were not activated by the winds as effectively and the tone was not very pleasing.

Been putting this off too long —hesitating because of the intimidating restringing procedure.
New wooden round cut primed and painted with American Accents Ultra Cover in black. Existing wooden striker also painted black too. Following internet instructions the chime was successfully restrung. The center striker and windsail were replaced.
Having four hands stringing is best. We used one continues run of 80# braided fishing line. Hopefully it will provide years of service. Next time I see a deck being built nearby I might ask for scraps to have a back up stash for the other many other chimes ( have more than a handful) that might need future wood replacement.

Now waiting for those summer breezes to make it sing......